“Believe it is possible to solve your problem. Tremendous things happen to the Believer. So, believe the answer will come. It will.”

- Anon -

My consultations are an in-depth blend of practical and spiritual guidance. You will be introduced to your beautiful Power Animal Totem, whom I have been shown to be currently supporting you.

All readings are: Professional, compassionate, confidential and insightful. You can listen to a recorded audio MP3 file as often as you wish to hear important spiritual truths that will guide you along your life path. Clients often feed back to me that their repeated listening brings deeper insights and affirmation. Please go to Case Study, which will show you why I have chosen to offer this particular aspect of my service. 

The MP3 file will be sent to your email address and can be downloaded onto your iPod; MP3 player; burned to an Audio CD or listened to on your computer. At the time of writing it can also be downloaded to an Android phone and a Smartphone if it is supported by a USB-OTG.

Due to strict regulations I am not allowed to answer questions on health, pregnancy, finance and legal issues.

For all consultations (before booking my service) please read my ‘Terms & Conditions’.


Audio MP3 Clairvoyant Reading - The Benefits:

Psychic information is not restricted by time and space. You do not have to be physically present. Our guides and angels play an essential role in this service, as they do with my distant healing service. Through me they will be made aware of your identity, location and situation. Audio email readings are fast becoming a popular alternative for International Time zones. The reading can be an effective tool to help you to move forward with your plan or life and make the most of opportunities.  Click my Testimonials page to see what my clients are saying.

Typically, an audio MP3 consultation has a duration of at least 30 minutes or more, so will be sent to you via MailBigFile. This is because the file size often exceeds acceptability by some email programmes.

My aim is to provide you with your consultation within 7 business days or less, depending on demand.


Audio MP3 Clairvoyant Reading with Spiritual Guidance - £35.00  

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