“Be brave! God gives His hardest battles to His bravest soldiers.”

- Unknown -

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'Clinging on to the Mezzanine of Life', practical and spiritual solutions for coping with adversity by Valerie Hardware. 

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I provide a free distant healing intercession service for people and animals. This is often complementary to treatment received from GP’s and veterinarians. If you are seeking help for yourself or your own pet, my service must not be used as an alternative. There can be no guarantee of outcomes, but if you feel that my service has helped you, then I am always delighted to hear about this. With your written permission I will add (initials only) to my testimonials page, because your testimony will help others.

Simply contact me via the form provided opposite, with the person's or animal’s name and situation. This is a highly confidential service and you are welcome to ask for unlimited situations. Animals can be remarkably receptive to healing.


How does it work? I sit in the peace and silence, open in prayer, attune to the patient, and read each patient’s name and their situation aloud. I then visualise a waterfall of healing light and energy cascading over and through them. This energy healing lasts for just a few minutes. After each visualisation I ask for a blessing on the patient, simply handing over to the Divine in trust for the best possible outcome.

Guides play an essential role in distance healing. Through the healer they will be made aware of the identity and location of the patient. They will apply healing power there and then or later, when the patient is more receptive.


Healing can take place very rapidly, or over a period of time. Sometimes there can be disappointment that any form of healing hasn’t ‘worked’ in the way that is hoped for. My view is that we cannot know what a soul’s pattern and purpose of their life path is. However, over the years I have received strong evidence that the power of visualisation and prayer is never wasted – it can make a difference, even if simply to give peace; extra strength, comfort and resolve.

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