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“Be brave! God gives His hardest battles to His bravest soldiers.”

- Unknown -

'Clinging on to the Mezzanine of Life', practical and spiritual solutions for coping with adversity by Valerie Hardware. 

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Print version coming soon.

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The Lighthouse

Free Guided Meditation for Peace & Healing. Simply click below to listen.

From my 'Illumination' audio CD. Guided meditations for Peace, Healing & Enlightenment.

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A  guided meditation can be a powerful tool to help you to release feelings of stress and blockages, helping you to raise your energy vibration.  You can experience peace, relaxation, insight and renewal.

Illumination Audio CD: "Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your Lighthouse meditation is. Yesterday I was in a long tailback on the M4, no way to see what was causing it. While I know I am not supposed to listen to any meditation while driving, I made an exception as it was clear we were going nowhere for a while. In fact it was about half an hour. I suddenly felt the start of what could have been an awful anxiety attack and then someone whispered in my ear to listen to you. So I sat there with your meditation paying through the car’s speakers via the miracle of my Bluetooth phone. Those angels do work in amazing ways. My fear and claustrophobia from 30 minutes previously had been transformed into happiness. I shall keep on listening to the Lighthouse each night before I go asleep as it REALLY works." 

(GB, Somerset, via e-mail)

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