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"May the stars carry your darkness away.

May the flowers fill your heart with beauty.  

May hope forever wipe away your tears.

And above all, may silence make you strong"

- Chief Dan George -

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Valerie Hardware is an evidential clairvoyant medium, spiritual counsellor, author, public speaker and discovery seminar presenter. She specialises in MP3 Audio readings with practical and spiritual guidance. Since 1987 together with her husband Tony ( and independently, Valerie serves churches as a platform speaker/demonstrator.   


She has authored and published - 'Clinging on to the Mezzanine of Life': practical and spiritual solutions for coping with adversity  (currently available at the Amazon Kindle store but soon to go to print.) Please see across for link. She has also written and published 'The 7 Essential Keys to Psychic Development’ and created and recorded ‘Illumination’ a series of guided imagery meditations set to beautiful, harmonious music. Her aim is to provide healing, peace and insight. Track 5, 'The Lighthouse' is offered to you as a gift. For access please go to the button 'Guided Meditation'.  Valerie's voice is to be considered a great asset to her work.

For her latest project, with Tony providing the artwork, Valerie has created a beautiful 44- deck with guidebook ‘Wolf Wisdom Oracle & Affirmation’ cards. Powerful, practical and spiritual guidance from Wolf Animal Spirit Guides. To purchase a pack please go to Shop.

Valerie's personal readings, discovery seminars and audio CD can be used as powerful tools. They are designed to inspire, heal and empower you, to benefit every aspect of your life. 

Valerie is committed to helping the Divine and the Angels by relaying messages about their existence and to provide evidence that life or your personality as you know it - is continuous.

Her credentials include professional training as a qualified therapeutic counsellor, life coach, and image designer. Training as a counsellor (an ongoing learning process) has enabled Valerie to bring a deeper level of compassionate understanding and empathy to her personal readings service. She is a specialist in telephone counselling, at one stage of her career directing an 0800 Telephone Counselling/Helpline service for a large UK government agency.   

Earlier in her career Valerie was a successful recruitment consultant. For 10 years she volunteered with the Samaritans as a listening/fund raising volunteer. Valerie was also part of a pioneer fund raising and management team to open the original South Bucks Community Hospice in High Wycombe, Bucks in 1994. For over 27 years she raised funds until 2013, when Tony retired from his post of Chief Executive of the Hospice.  

'Clinging on to the Mezzanine of Life', practical and spiritual solutions for coping with adversity by Valerie Hardware. 

Now available from Amazon Kindle Store at: Click link here

Print version coming soon.

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Valerie's Qualifications

2002 – ‘Results’ Certified Life Coach Training

1999 – ‘Oxsem’ Qualified Facilitator for Divorce & Recovery

1997 – CSCT AEB Diploma in Counselling

1987 – Gloria Mundé Certificate in Professional Image Design

1985 – Addeco professionally trained Recruitment Consultant


Valerie is also a member of:

The Spiritual Workers Association

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