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“The very word ‘angel’ means messenger. Angels are messengers of love and of the Divine”

- Anon -


Demonstration of Clairvoyance


The purpose of a demonstration of clairvoyance is to provide evidence of eternal life. You will not hear anything frightening or negative. We aim to provide an evening full of messages and hope, with fun and laughter too. You may be desperately hoping for your loved one to send a message to you, but the time and conditions have to be right for them.

There is a myth perpetuated that mediums ‘call up the dead’. Apart from being impossible, it is the spirit world that contacts me, not the other way around. I am simply an intermediary between two worlds. If you receive a message it may be that you are also asked to be an intermediary, entrusted to relay a message to someone who you know, who isn't at the demonstration. This often happens.
Very often the message is one of spiritual inspiration, guidance or comfort, without necessarily being evidence of survival from a loved one. This is what we term as coming from the Divine Source - the Angelic Realms, Guides, (including Power Animal) and Helpers.


My inspirational seminar, 'How to Connect with Angels’, focuses on this aspect, and includes messages as well.

Personal issues/information are never revealed. My role is not to try to convince you, simply to offer some evidence of survival, and that with love there is no separation, only to the physical. Many people are quite naturally sceptical and I think this is very healthy. It is good to ask questions and not to accept anything that doesn't feel right.


Part of the evening contains a question and answer session. It is an opportunity for you to discover the misconceptions of Mediumship and to witness what it actually is and I believe, it’s vital role within this world. We welcome your questions, so please bring them along! If you feel too shy about asking your question regarding Mediumship simply write it down and hand it to me or to Tony prior to the event start.

Sometimes, at a seminar a range of our beautiful spiritual giftware will be available to purchase.


In conclusion, I can do nothing without the wonderful support and help of my friend and main Spirit Guide, White Eagle and also his helpers, who work so hard to build the bridge between our two worlds. Also, to my husband Tony, a true worker for Spirit and an inspirational medium and speaker in his own right. To these I dedicate my thanks.

Disclaimer: Accuracy cannot be guaranteed. My policy is that any guidance provided must not replace any professional, legal, financial or medical help that you are receiving. To attend any of my talks, workshops or demonstrations is your personal responsibility and choice. In return I promise that you will receive an ethical and honourable service.

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