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DIARY 2023



Sunday, 22nd Jan.

Friday, 17th Feb. 

Sunday 26th Feb.

Sunday 19th March

Sunday 26th March

Sunday 7th May

Sunday 21st May

Sunday 11th June.

Sunday 2nd July

Sunday 23rd July

Sunday 3rd. Sep.

Sunday 15th Oct.

Gloucester 1st. Spiritualist Church. 6.30pm  

Swindon Sp. Church. 7.15pm 

Jennings St. C.S. Church Swindon. 

Bedminster Church, Bristol Time TBC

Taunton Sp. Church, Taunton 6.30pm

Bridgwater C.S. Church, Bridgwater. 6.30pm 

Minehead C.S. Church, Minehead 6.30pm

Camborne Sp. Church, Cornwall. 6.30pm

Taunton Sp. Church. 6.30pm

Jennings St. C.S. Church.

Minehead C.S. Church 6.30pm


Bedminster Church, Bristol Time TBC


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