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Are you struggling with relationships?

Do you have a problem that you need to solve?

Do you struggle with making decisions?


If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions

I would love to help you.

Using a distinctive blend of clairvoyance and spiritual counselling, I have created a service specifically with you in mind. At times of change, crisis or decision I provide insight, clarity and spiritual life guidance. This is a Remote reading, experienced via MP3 Audio e-mail, which I now specialise in. An Audio e-mail reading can be an amazing tool to help you move forward with or plan your life. Click here to discover more benefits and a case study.    

I have over 30 years valuable experience of supporting clients with their issues and challenges by providing accurate and meaningful life guidance. My service is accessed world-wide. Go to: About Me.

Why not visit my Testimonials page to see what my clients are saying? I invite you to contact me now. Go to: Contacts & Links


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