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'Clinging on to the Mezzanine of Life', practical and spiritual solutions for coping with adversity by Valerie Hardware. 

Now available from Amazon Kindle Store at: Click link here

Print version coming soon.

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A warm welcome to my website

Are you struggling with relationships?

Do you have a problem that you need to solve?

Do you feel blocked at times and struggle with making decisions or overcoming challenges?


If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions I would love to

help you.

For over 30 years I have held the privilege of providing accurate and meaningful spiritual life guidance readings for clients across the world.

We can all feel lost at times and I believe that the answers you are seeking are within you. It is my role to bring them out.

Using a distinctive blend of clairvoyance and spiritual counselling, I have created a service specifically with you in mind. At times of change, crisis or decision I aim to provide insight, clarity, upliftment and above all, hope. 

I specialise in MP3 Audio personal readings with spiritual guidance. An MP3 reading is becoming increasingly popular with my clients who live in different time zones Click here to discover more benefits and a case study.   


My service is accessed world-wide. Go to: About Me.

Why not visit my Testimonials page to see what my clients are saying? I invite you to contact me now. Go to: Contacts & Links

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Discover the power of Wolf Wisdom with these beautiful and inspirational Oracle and Affirmation cards with Guidebook.  

The cards have been

created to help you

discover, receive and

interpret empowering,

practical and spiritual

guidance. A FREE

Audio MP3 Reading

with every order. 

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